What if

The recent view of some documentaries from North Korea have lead me to ponder about the convictions of people there appearing.

There is no doubt that our democratic society is much better. We are free to do whatever we want, we are much better economically and furthermore, very few people have nutrition problems. Nonetheless, in all these documentaries, north korean people interviewed were so sure about the ideality of their system, that they didn’t even consider thinking about it. They said all the problems they were facing were necessary for giving their children a heaven’s nation.

What if we were like north korean people, so sure that our capitalist system is the best, the best way to be happy, the best way to spend our lives, when it wasn’t an optimal solution? What if we saw us in some years such as idiots for living like this and not even noticing existing injustices?

It is very easy to see the bad things of other systems, but once you’re stuck in one way of thinking, it is extremely tough to get out of it, because your education and your entire life has been developed around it.

Just think if our “perfect way of living” couldn’t be happier, fairer.

Interesting documentaries about North Korean Regim



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