Design Patterns and Tools

Hello Little Androids!!

Sometimes we spend a lot of time looking for something in the internet. Not because we search it in a bad way but because it is sometimes hidden.

Therefore, I have decided to complement my own contributions with lists of links that I have found interesting. Every one will be focused in one special issue. Today it will be about design tools and patterns 😀

1. Developers Android Design Patterns Guide

Yes, I know this that if you are a little into android you will know this website. But a common mistake that a lot of people do while learning android  is reading only the developing part.
But one of the keys of success of your app is its usability. If you follow this guide step by step you will for sure achieve this goal.

2. GOOGLE I/O Videos. Design tools

If you program in Android, GOOGLE I/O Videos are essential to be ahead of the pack.

Here we have two of them. The first one is indispensable, it talks about a looot of design tools that can be helpful. The second one is more about psychology and general design, but it would also be great if you watched it.



If you know more interesting links comment on the post and I will (only if they are great :P) include them in it .

See you soon! ^^


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