Learn Chinese in a funny way for free I. Videos

One of the most amazing things of internet is that everybody can have access to education. The number of websites, youtube channels and educative apps are everyday increasing. We just need to find them in order to learn a lot for nothing.

As I was willing to study Chinese,I started searching through the internet. I have found some reaaaaaally good resources that I want to share with you. I will start with… the videos :).

1. Introductory video to Chinese 

It is only for understanding how characters are build and to prove that they are not so difficult to learn.

I would recommend it for everybody, even for those who aren’t willing to learn the language.

Youtube channels

2. Mandarin Made Easy (Under construction. Only for beginners)

What a better way to learn Chinese than with this pretty and funny girl? I can’t stop laughing while watching her videos. Everything is taught very clear, with examples, and allows you to practice your pronunciation.

The only bad thing… It is under construction, so there will be a day when you reach the end 😦 But don’t worry I still have other resources so that you don’t stop learning!

Good for: Introducing to the pronunciation and the elementary issues of chinese grammar and vocabulary.

3.Chinese with Mike

Another crazy person teaching english through youtube! I really love them!

So with a similar teaching system as the girl, but with more or less 100 lessons, you will be able to acquire a great level thanks to this guy.

Good for: Learning Chinese from beginner to advanced level.

If you want to discover more free resources, go to the second part, where I speak about  apps.

Learn Chinese in a funny way for free II. APPs

I hope you like it,
See you!


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