Learn Chinese in a funny way for free II. APPs

Hello again! In this post I will comment 3 apps that can help you a lot to learn Chinese.

1. Chinese Artword

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The best way for learning characters.

People might fall into frustration if characters are not taught in a funny way. But I am sure this won’t happen with this app because it shows you the origin of the character. And not only that… it also gives you the pronunciation and meaning of what it is. Finally, you can learn how to write it by practice. Everything in a very progressive way.

I highly recommend it!

Good for: Learning characters. Premium edition: More characters.

2. Mandarin Madness


It is a funny game where you can practice both the pictograms and pronunciation of some words. It can be frustrating if you don’t know the vocabulary though, so I recommend you to learn it before.

Good for: Practising (not learning) numbers and animals Premium Edition: 10 more vocabulary packs.

3. Fun Chinese Learning Games (Under construction. Only for beginners)

The best thing of these app is that you are playing games while learning chinese vocabulary unconsciously. It would be a great app if it had more lessons (there is only a free one at the moment).

Good for: Learning the colors. Premium edition: Animals and numbers games.

So, that’s all from my part. If you know any others, don’t hesitate to comment them and I will include them in the post.

See you and enjoy learning ^^!

Learn Chinese in a funny way for free I. Videos


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